Thursday, September 24, 2009

Web 2.0 - Students' perspective

As part of the eMarketing unit that I teach, I offered students the opportunity to create an instructional video as part of their assessment. We've been exploring the evolution of the web, so Rick and James created this video, which they also have embedded on their new webpage, with links and references.

I plan to extend my use of video in student assessment over the coming years. Our students are becoming more proficient at creating multimedia work like this, and the process of doing so enhances their understanding of the concepts and theories they are studying.

Have you ever explored the use of student-created video in your teaching? Do you think that it's a good way for our students to learn?


James Rose said...

Yes a blog post! I'm excited. Good stuff and a good idea Wags.

I'm not as excited about this as I am about the fact St Kilda are going to win the flag tomorrow though!

Zac Martin said...

Top work boys, although don't know about the acting!

Would love to see some more traditional type subjects introduce assessment like this. The ability to produce a three minute video will probably be more important than a 3,000 word essay at some point I'm sure.

Jimmy said...

Rick and I (aka class nerds) had a great time making this video and took a lot away from it. The process of researching, planning, recording, and editing the video took longer than we anticipated, but think it will all be worth it once our video goes viral!

Thanks for featuring our vid Wags!