Monday, February 16, 2009

The New King

Most of my readers will already know that I teach Marketing at Monash University, in the Faculty of Business and Economics. And most will also be aware that Monash has just appointed a new Dean of Business and Economics, Professor Stephen King.

It was very refreshing to read the recent article in The Australian in which he spoke about the need to "re-engage a faculty that some believe has lost touch".

From what I have seen, Professor King appears to be an ideal appointment. As an active blogger (CoRE Economics), he understands the potential of engaging with the business world through new media. This experience, combined with his apparent commitment to teaching quality, is good news for all progressive teachers and students at Monash.

I'm certainly looking forward to the next couple of years, and the positive changes that will no doubt be implemented.


James Rose said...

He has a very nice blog himself. Good to see someone who thinks a bit more like yourself on board!

Gabriel said...

Good to see that he's not just a horror novelist.